TAROT by Alexander Daniloff 2012


Fourth author's edition printed in 2018. The price of the deck is 50 + shipping.

78 cards + 2 cards added: Carte Blanche and introductory card; card size 121 x 70 mm (2.75" x 4.75")

To order email me info@daniloff-art.it

To order email me info@daniloff-art.it

I offer a 10% discount to buy different decks.

I need to know your country to determine the price of the shipment.

For payment I accept PayPal or the bank transfer (SEPA for EU).

I send decks by International Registered mail from Italy and send you in email

the shipment receipt with tracking number.


I have always been fascinated by the medieval symbolism and emblematic, iconography of miniatures and frescoes. The Tarot for me have been a reason to immerse myself in a medieval atmosphere, crawl between the nobles and the miserable, oscillate between the Moon and the Sun, between Life and Death.

I don't know to use the Tarot, but interpreting a state of mind, a sentimental message that contains each Arcana, I began to feel its magic. They gave me a guiding thread, a compass to connect remote past with today,  to create a deck in the classic style, addressed and strengthened a saving irony to avoid the risk of rhetoric.



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