IN DRAGONFLY SHADE  Lenormand Oracle



First limited edition of author printed in 2021,

500 copies numbered and signed by author on the certificate with map of Japan;

 36 cards, card size 70 x 70 mm (2.75 "x 2.752")

The price of the deck is 36 + shipping.

Download the leaflet in PDF for Oracle IN DRAGONFLY SHADE by Alison Cross

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Why should my Oracle IN DRAGONFLY SHADE become a small jewel in your collection?

First of all, because it is really small and diamond-shaped, it develops in a rhombus shape.

Beyond this, the back of the cards hides a puzzle: the 36 backs put in the right order make up the map of Japan.

There is also another numerological enigma that dates back to a 13th century Chinese mathematician - Yang Hui.

But I want you to find this for yourselves!


The card backs make a map of Japan.

The origin of the title IN DRAGONFLY SHADE derives from the legend that tells us when the first emperor of Japan

climbed to the top of the mountain to contemplate his kingdom, he was so excited to see the landscape, he exclaimed:

"This island looks like the dragonfly that licks its tail".

Japan is sometimes called Akitsushima - Dragonfly Island.

Download Map of Japan in PDF


To order email me:  info@daniloff-art.it


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